Red-light bill seeks green light in Texas

| 3/5/2003

A bill introduced in the Texas Legislature allows municipalities to rig cameras as a deterrent to red-light runners.

HB901, written by state Rep. Phil King, R-Weatherford, permits cities to use cameras for enforcement of traffic signals.

With new authority, a red-light running vehicle’s license plate number is captured on camera and a ticket is forwarded to the registered owner. Under the bill, the fine would be $75.

Camera-wielding municipalities would be required to “place or erect signs to inform motorists entering the municipality that a photographic traffic signal enforcement system is in use,” King wrote. “The municipality shall place or erect a sign … at each location where a city limits sign has been placed or erected adjacent to a roadway that enters the municipality.”

Included in the bill is a provision that would give revenue from tickets issued to the Texas Mobility Fund for highway construction.