Utah House passes unmarked patrol car bill

| 3/3/2003

The Utah House recently approved a measure lifting restrictions on the Utah Highway Patrol that limits the use of unmarked patrol cars.

An amended version of SB106 passed the House by a 47-23 vote Feb. 20 and is headed to the Senate for consideration.

The limit on unmarked highway patrol vehicles is now one per operation, but the bill, written by Sen. Curtis Bramble, R-Provo, allows for the use of multiple unmarked cruisers with operations that take place in urban areas, are backed by the Public Safety Commissioner, last less than two weeks and target aggressive drivers specifically.

Proponents of the measure said it would not be used all the time, and it would not cut down on the use of marked vehicles, Provo’s Daily Herald reported. Officers would be required by the bill to be in uniform when using unmarked patrol cars.