Arkansas General Assembly sends toll road bill to governor

| 3/3/2003

The only thing now standing between Arkansas and building more toll roads is Gov. Mike Huckabee’s signature.

SB218, sponsored by Sen. Dave Bisbee, R-Rogers, will allow Arkansas to more easily build toll roads. The measure has passed both houses of the state’s Legislature and is on the way to the governor’s desk now.

The latest version of the bill received final approval by the Senate by a vote of 34-0 Feb. 27.

SB218 is designed to clarify the powers of the state highway commission to construct turnpikes and toll roads, allowing the board to act as the state’s toll authority and to issue revenue bonds to finance those roads. The House of Representatives voted 88-8 in favor of the bill Feb. 24.

Although the bill does not specify which toll roads would get built, local media sources have reported the first was likely to be a bypass around Bella Vista that would connect with a similar road in Missouri.