Jersey to pigeons: Get outta' here!

| 2/28/2003

Tired of pigeon poop on your trailer top? Had it with bird bombs on your bobtail?

New Jersey is coming to your rescue.

The birds had started to roost on toll plazas along the Garden State Parkway recently when electrified wires to discourage them were removed for the installation of the EZ-Pass system, The Associated Press reported. But now that the toll pass-through devices are in place, the wires are going back up, trespassing birds are getting jolted (just a little, officials insist) and drivers can spend a little less time at the truck wash.

The AP says the "pigeon deterrent system" will be reinstalled by Avian Flyaway Inc. by the end of April – just in time for those April showers to wash the rest of those guano gifts away.