Canadian official: Switch from trucks to rail, charge toll for entering Toronto

| 2/27/2003

Transport Minister David Collenette recently announced a new national transportation policy that contains several provisions potentially harmful to truckers, The Toronto Star reported Feb. 26.

Collenette’s new policy includes a provision that encourages a switch from truck traffic to rail carriers for cargo.

In addition, the newspaper reported, he suggested that Toronto follow London’s example and charge vehicles a toll for entering the center of the city.

London city officials recently sparked outrage by charging drivers 5 pounds – about $12 – just to enter the city’s central district. The toll is designed to cut traffic congestion.

Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman immediately shot back – “This is the dumbest idea I have ever heard in my life” – and pointed out that the city has far less congestion than the English capital, and that the proposal could hurt the city’s economy.