Senator offers e9-1-1 compromise in Kansas

| 2/26/2003

Truckers making emergency calls in Kansas may soon be able to receive the same service as land line callers. State Sen. Karin Brownlee, R-Olathe, has proposed a compromise that will bring e9-1-1 service to the state, The Kansas City Star reported Feb. 25.

There are currently two bills dealing with e9-1-1, an enhanced version of 9-1-1 service that allows operators to locate emergency callers who use cell phones. A spokeswoman at the Senate Commerce Committee, which Brownlee chairs, said that elements of one of the bills, SB180, would be combined with the other bill, SB153. The new compromise bill will be an amended version of SB153.

The bill would set up a 75-cent fee on every cell phone bill in Kansas. According to The Star’s report, of the total fee, 25 cents would go to cities to set up e9-1-1 equipment; the second 25 cents would go to cell phone companies to set up the equipment on their end to send the 9-1-1 signal to emergency operators; the last 25 cents would be put in a fund for rural counties that cannot afford to set up the system.

The Commerce spokeswoman said the new version of the bill would be available within a few days.