West Virginia coal truck bill adds enforcement provisions

| 2/26/2003

Legislation to allow trucks to haul 120,000 pounds of coal on certain state roads tripled its weight Monday.

The revised version of SB583, introduced by Senate Majority Leader Truman Chafin, D-Mingo, grew from 19 to 58 pages. The new bill adds weight reporting and enforcement provisions from a bill supported by Gov. Bob Wise last year.

Wise said recently he refused to support any bill that increased weight limits without the provisions, which include real-time reporting of truck weights as they leave the shipper and streamlined enforcement, according to The Charleston Gazette.

Like Wise’s proposal, the bill authorizes the Public Service Commission to enforce the law.

As written, shippers would be required to provide real-time electronic reporting of coal vehicle weights and would be subject to fines for allowing a truck to leave overweight.

Coal haulers could be fined and eventually have their licenses suspended or revoked for running overweight.

Receivers of overweight loads would be “immune” from prosecution if they report the violation to the PSC within 24 hours.