Two Kentucky highways will soon be toll-free

| 2/26/2003
Kentucky will soon take down the tollbooths on two of its highways, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said in a release.

The tolls collected on the two highways – the Daniel Boone and Cumberland Parkways in southern and eastern Kentucky – were used to pay off bonds from the roads’ construction.

U.S. Rep. Harold Rogers (R-KY) helped the state obtain $13 million in federal funding to eliminate the tollbooths. Congress approved the legislation that included the funding Feb. 20, and President Bush is expected to sign the bill into law as early as next week.

Kentucky now owes $26 million in bonds for its toll road system. The remaining $13 million can now be refinanced at a lower rate, the state agency said.

The 60-mile-long Daniel Boone Parkway is a two-lane highway that runs from London to Hazard. The four-lane Cumberland Parkway runs for 88 miles between Somerset and I-65 west of Glasgow. Both were built roughly 30 years ago.

After the booths are removed, only the Audubon and the William H. Natcher parkways, both in Western Kentucky, will still have toll charges, The Associated Press reported.