Florida city may let truckers park at home

| 2/25/2003

A Florida city is considering an ordinance that would let truckdrivers park their rigs on their own land in the city, The Charlotte Sun and Weekly Herald reported recently.

Currently, city codes in North Port, FL, prohibit home parking even if the truck is buffered from other nearby homes and even if the driver has his neighbors’ permission.

One of the drivers who has been affected by the current rules in OOIDA member Robert Brown. The newspaper said Brown had parked his rig on his own land in a buffered area and after receiving his neighbor’s consent. However, he has received tickets for parking there nonetheless.

During a recent meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission, member Vanessa Carusone said drivers with enough acreage and their neighbor’s permission should be allowed to park their trucks at home.

According to The Sun and Herald, Planning Director Sam Jones told the meeting changes to the city’s ordinances could be made to allow permits on a case-by-case basis. The commissioners asked Jones to come back in three to six months with a specific plan.