Mexican truck inspectors undergo training program

| 2/21/2003

Mexican inspectors are undergoing a three-week training program to enable them to conduct commercial driver and vehicle inspections according to existing North American safety standards.

The program, hosted by the California Highway Patrol and funded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, will eventually train 28 Mexican inspectors.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, an organization composed of truck and bus enforcement agencies in Canada, the United States and Mexico, announced the training program.

After training, the inspectors will apply CVSA decals to commercial vehicles that pass safety inspection standards. The inspectors also can place commercial vehicles and drivers out of service.

The program is taking place at border inspection facilities in Calexico and Otay Mesa, CA, and is being conducted by federal and state instructors and CVSA-certified inspectors from California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

Speaking to the students at an informal ceremony, CVSA President Paul Sullivan said, “The roadside inspection program saves lives. NAFTA has placed the spotlight on us, and we are expected to perform. We accept this challenge because we are prepared and our members believe in each other.”