Washington lawmakers jump on smoke-free bandwagon

| 2/14/2003

In an attempt to add Washington state to the growing list of states and cities to ban smoking in all indoor public places, state lawmakers introduced legislation in the House and Senate this week that would make lighting up a no-no.

The list of places it would be forbidden to take a puff includes restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, skating rinks and truckstops.

California passed a public-smoking ban in 1998 and Florida and Delaware followed suit last year, The Seattle Times reported. New York City, Boston and Chicago also prohibit public-place smoking.

Ex-smoker and restaurant owner Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe (D-Bothell), sponsor of SB5791, and Rep. Joe McDermott (D-Seattle), sponsor of HB1868, told the newspaper now is the time to recommend an anti-smoking law, given research about the dangers of secondhand smoke.