Oklahoma lawmaker seeks voter approval on fuel hike

| 2/14/2003

An Oklahoma lawmaker has proposed a measure asking for a statewide vote on a fuel tax increase to pay for road repairs.

HB1385, sponsored by state Rep. Larry Ferguson, R-Cleveland, would increase the state’s current 13-cents-per-gallon diesel fuel tax by 2 cents a gallon in 2005. In addition, an annual fuel tax increase would be imposed from 2006 to 2008 when it would reach 20 cents a gallon. Gasoline would climb from 16 cents a gallon to 21 cents over the same time.

“Revenues from the new taxes will be used for various transportation needs,” Ferguson wrote. “The remainder of the revenues will be deposited to the State Highway Construction and Maintenance Fund.”

Ferguson told Land Line he isn’t proposing a tax increase, just giving voters a chance to decide whether they want to make an additional investment in repairing deteriorating roads and bridges.

If approved by the Legislature, the bill would go before the public in the November 2004 general election.

--by Keith Goble, staff writer