Connecticut tracking down suspicious truck licenses

| 2/13/2003

Florida and Michigan officials have notified the state of Connecticut that more than two dozen people have obtained commercial licenses under suspicious circumstances, WTNH television in New Haven, CT, reported.

The state of Florida says 25 men obtained commercial driver’s licenses in their state and used that documentation to get a Connecticut commercial license.

Florida officials think the skills testing of the 25 men may have been compromised because of problems with the private company running the Florida tests. Connecticut has since begun searching for the men.

“When suspicions are raised, we’re going to check it out,” Connecticut DMV spokesman Bill Seymour told WTNH television. Seymour says it’s a matter of “security, both in terms of who you are and what you represent and what you can do and whether you can drive that truck.”

So far, three men have returned their Connecticut licenses, six have passed a new test, and nine are scheduled for testing next month. One was immediately disqualified because of an arrest and another has since moved to New York, where information was forwarded to authorities.

Five other drivers, however, haven’t contacted authorities. Their CDLs are in the process of being pulled or canceled.

The state of Michigan has also notified Connecticut about an unknown number of drivers from that state who obtained possibly compromised licenses that were used to gain a Connecticut commercial license.