Measures would ban cell phone use by drivers

| 2/10/2003

Two states are considering measures that would restrict drivers’ use of cell phones.

In Maryland, Delegate John S. Arnick of Baltimore County amended a bill he proposed to ban the use of hand-held cell phones by drivers, The Baltimore Sun reported. His addition to the bill would make the infraction a secondary offense, meaning police could only ticket drivers if they had pulled them over for some other offense.

Previous proposals by Arnick to ban cell phone use have drawn opposition from cellular service providers.

Halfway across the country, trustees in the city of Oologah, OK, a small town northeast of Tulsa, have asked their state legislators to ban the use of hand-held cell phones, The Oklahoma City Oklahoman reported.

The trustees acted after a local ordinance banning cellular use in cars was proposed by Mayor Jerry Holland. The ordinance could not be passed because of a state ban on such laws.

Both the Maryland and Oklahoma measures would exempt emergency calls and cell phones that are connected to a hands-free device.