Kansas bill on truck registration moves forward

| 2/7/2003

The Kansas Senate is considering a bill that changes registration rules for trucks in the state.

Kansas law now requires an owner-operator leased to a carrier for 30 days or more to register his vehicle in the carrier’s name.

SB130, which was originally proposed by the Kansas Motor Carriers Association, would change the language of that law to allow trucks to be registered by “the lessee or the lessor.”

OOIDA officials had traveled to the state capitol in Topeka, KS, to ask for changes in the law. The bill’s new language would allow carriers and owner-operators to negotiate to determine where and under whom a truck would be registered, according to Todd Spencer, executive vice president of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association.

“There should be no carrier involvement,” Spencer said. “Any agreement should be between the owner-operator and the carrier, not a matter to be legislated.”

The law as it stands now is an exception to the rules of the International Registration Plan, or IRP, concerning vehicle registration, and the IRP governing board is currently examining its wording. Some sources have indicated sanctions are expected if the current law isn’t changed.

Initially, the Kansas Motor Carriers Association asked the state for a bill that would allow the registration to be determined by the motor carrier’s preference, sparking opposition by OOIDA.