Study: Higher turnpike tolls hike traffic on city streets near Boston

| 2/6/2003

A study by a five-member task force has indicated that higher tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike have increased traffic significantly in Newton, MA, a suburb on Boston's west side, The MetroWest Daily News reported Feb. 5.

The study also said adding tolls to an exit that had been fee free would only increase the problem.

The task force – which included Ellen Hume, a Newton Corner, MA, resident and activist on Pike issues; West Newton, MA, resident Joan McGrath; and three state officials – studied the effects of a proposed 75-cent toll on the West Newton exit on the turkpike, the newspaper reported.

They concluded that while the tolls would ease traffic at one exit, it would add 1,500 cars daily onto city streets between the West Newton and Newton Corners exits on the highway. The West Newton exit – called Exit 16 – has been toll free since 1996.