Trucking-inspired band takes their music on the road

| 2/5/2003

A new rock band in Ohio plans to take on the world’s social and political problems in a brand of music inspired by Black Sabbath … and trucking.

That’s right … trucking.

The band, named JacKnife, recently played at the Union at Ohio University, according to a recent report by the Ohio University Post, the college paper.

Steve Kehnel, an Ohio University graduate student and the band’s singer, told the newspaper many of society’s problems manifest themselves in the lives of truckers on the road, whether it's rude drivers or the disillusionment when a family diner is replaced by a fast-food chain.

Three members of the band have links to the trucking industry, including bassist Dan Mallory, who said, "My dad used to be a truckdriver. He likes the idea of the band; he thinks it's hilarious."

According to The Post, the band also comments on truckers’ contributions to society, positive and negative, and uses the truckdriver’s point of view to explore, in their music, such themes as loneliness and alienation.