The Magnolia State targets work-zone speeders

| 1/31/2003

With construction work-zone accidents on the rise, the Mississippi Legislature is determined to double penalties for speeding violations in highway work zones. State representatives and senators have proposed six bills that would double the maximum amount of fines for speeding in a highway work zone.

HB369, HB555, HB882, HB1345, SB2030 and SB 2332 all have been referred to their respective transportation committees in the House and Senate.

However, the two Senate bills were changed by the Senate Highway and Transportation Committee.

The committee changed SB2030 to add a requirement for special signs warning drivers of the higher fines. The committee also changed SB2332, adding the same-sign requirement and a provision that allows the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol to operate radar speed detection devices in conjunction with automated vehicle identification systems in highway work zones.

If a violation is detected through the automated vehicle identification system, a photograph of the vehicle and a ticket will be sent to the owner of the vehicle. The provision does require the presence of a patrolman during the operation of the automated vehicle identification system at the time the violation allegedly occurs.