Environmental groups oppose proposed interstate route

| 1/29/2003

Several environmental groups are opposing a plan to build I-99 over Bald Eagle Mountain in Pennsylvania, The Penn State Collegian reported Jan. 28.

The groups – Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future, Trout Unlimited, the Bald Eagle Ridge Protection Association, the National Audubon Society, Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, the Pennsylvania Deer Association and the United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania – are opposing a permit requested by the state’s DOT that would allow highway builders to fill about 11 acres of wetlands, to enclose, bridge or fill 17,640 linear feet of stream, and to place 278,750 cubic yards of fill within the floodway of North Bald Eagle Creek, the newspaper reported.

The mountain is located near the town of State College, PA, in the rough center of Pennsylvania and northwest of the state’s capital, Harrisburg.

George Jugovic, a senior attorney for Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future, the lead group in the appeal effort, says the state could use an alternate route that would place the interstate in a nearby valley near the current location of U.S. 220.