Utah eyes fuel tax jump

| 1/29/2003

Utah lawmakers are discussing the possibility of boosting the state’s fuel tax as much as 10 cents a gallon in the next few years, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

As the Legislature confronts the state’s current budget crisis, they must decide how the state can keep working on roads and still pay off the millions in bond debt taken on to rebuild I-15 and other major roads.

Some lawmakers think the solution is to increase the fuel tax, already the seventh highest in the nation, The Tribune reported. An additional 10-cent hike in the fuel tax would raise another $130 million in state revenue.

“Our difficulty is we have got significant road projects in the future and we’re going to need another gas-tax increase, sometime in the next two to three years,” House Speaker Marty Stephens (R-Farr West), told The Tribune.