Bill would replace roadside memorials with state signs

| 1/28/2003

The small memorials along the side of America’s highways to commemorate the victims of accidents have become a daily sight for truckers. But if a bill in Indiana passes, the kind of memorials truckers see could change dramatically.

Indiana state Rep. Duane Cheney has introduced HB1110, which would remove the roadside memorials put up by families of accident victims and replace them with state-constructed signs.

Highway officials told The Associated Press the memorials, which typically include small crosses, flowers or other small memorials, have become more elaborate and distracting over time, now including such attention-grabbing elements as statues and solar lights.

Under the bill, a state-approved memorial sign could be put up only if it were requested by a member of the accident victim’s family. The Indiana Department of Transportation would be required under the bill to set up standards for the appearance and wording of the signs.

HB1110 is scheduled for discussion this week in the House.