America's newest highway? It's headed south .

| 1/27/2003

States are struggling to find money to repair highways, much less build new ones. The federal government is operating at a deficit for the first time in years, making help from Washington for roads a remote possibility. And some current highways are so rough it’s like running over a washboard.

But at least one new highway is being built – a nearly 1,000-mile road across Antarctica to the South Pole.

That’s right … the South Pole. reported Jan. 23 that engineers from the United States are working on the road, which will run 1,600 kilometers – roughly 994 miles – from McMurdo Sound, where the United States has a base, to the US Scott-Amundsen base at the pole.

The highway will be used to haul supplies to the base and to help engineers lay a $250 million fiber-optic cable. No word yet on whether drivers on the road are reporting a big problem with icing.