Arizona bill takes aim at teen drivers

| 1/27/2003

A new bill in the Arizona Legislature is taking aim at teen-age driving in an effort to improve highway safety.

The bill, SB1055, introduced Jan. 20 in the state’s Senate, would make it illegal for teens to be behind the wheel from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. and would require them to take a state-approved driver’s education course to get a license, according to information on the Legislature’s Web site.

State laws previously allowed parents to give their children driving instruction in place of a course. The proposal, introduced by Sen. Linda Binder (R-3rd District) and Sen. Slade Mead (R-20th District), would discontinue that practice, requiring at least 24 hours of time in the classroom and 6 hours of professional instruction behind the wheel.

Binder told The Arizona Star the proposal was designed to increase safety and give the police more tools for dealing with inappropriate behavior by teens.