Show-Me State lawmakers won’t give up on tax increases, split speed limits

| 1/27/2003

Missouri lawmakers are making a persistent effort to raise fuel taxes, lower truck speed limits and increase trucker registration and licensing fees. Two senators have introduced proposals similar to those that failed last year.

Sen. Ken Jacob (D-Columbia), the senator who once said he’d like to throw beer bottles at trucks, is still trying to slow trucks down from 70 mph to 65 mph on interstates, creating a 5 mph difference between 18-wheelers and four-wheelers. SB271 also would raise commercial vehicle registration fees by 30 percent. Trip permit fees would jump from $10 to $14.50, while the fee for issuing or renewing a CDL would increase from $40 to $60. Duplicate CDLs would cost an extra $10 on top of the current $20 fee.

Sen. James L. Mathewson (D-Sedalia) introduced a bill to ask Missouri voters to reconsider their 2002 rejection of higher fuel taxes. Mathewson’s SJR12 seeks to raise the fuel tax by 4 cents, with the additional revenue being use exclusively for the payment of state road bonds.