Highway hero Ron Lantz leaves the business

| 12/31/2002

Ron Lantz of Ludlow, KY, the truckdriver who helped police capture two suspects in the DC sniper case, is giving up life on the road and retiring, WCPO television in Cincinnati reported recently.

In the early hours of Oct. 24, Lantz was listening to the Truckin' Bozo radio show and heard a description of a car being sought by officials in connection with the sniper case. He noticed a car that matched the description - a Chevrolet Caprice - parked at a rest stop in Maryland and called 9-1-1.

Lantz and another driver then blocked the exits to the rest area, effectively trapping the suspects until police could arrive. John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo were arrested a short time later. Both face numerous charges.

Lantz, who contends he is not a hero, has been heaped with honors, including a day named for him in his hometown and a letter and flag from his congressman.

The trucker invited television reporters along on his final run just before Christmas, which took him to Baltimore, MD, and the rest area where he spotted the two suspects. He hopes others will be inspired by his actions in the sniper case.

"So many people want to turn their head the other way, and they don't want to get involved," Lantz said. "Now, I think they are getting involved."