New Jersey gets anti-toll-cheating system back online

| 12/26/2002

The New Jersey Department of Transportation said last week it had started repairs to the E-ZPass toll system so that toll cheats would no longer get a free ride, The New York Times reported Dec. 20.

New Jersey shut down a large part of the electronic enforcement system intended to catch toll cheaters, The Newark Star-Ledger reported Dec. 18. Nothing stopped people from beating tolls for months at nearly 300 tollbooths on the Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Turnpike.

State officials had not been able to stop the automatic enforcement system from producing hundreds of thousands of false tickets, the newspaper said, so they extended a moratorium on violations.

Regular enforcement of tolls through the E-ZPass system was scheduled to return in March after repairs were made, The Star-Ledger reported. But the DOT has moved the schedule up, The Times reported, and is issuing about 300 violation notices each day.

Micah Rasmussen, a department spokesman, told The Times that up to a third of the booths should be operational and recording violations by this week.