Canadian panel backs Detroit River truck tunnel

| 12/20/2002

A Canadian panel has backed a plan to deal with cross-border truck traffic between Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, The Windsor Star reported Dec. 20. The plan includes the conversion of a rail tunnel under the Detroit River for use by trucks, an idea first proposed by The Detroit River Tunnel Partnership in November.

The twin-tube rail tunnel in southwest Detroit, which is close to the Ambassador Bridge, would be converted into a four-lane truck route at a cost of $400 million, The Detroit News reported.

The Canadian panel said it would run from Highway 401 to the E.C. Row Expressway. Once on the expressway, trucks would all be shifted to a single, dedicated lane that would be added to the road in each direction.

Michael Sheahan, general manager of the Detroit River Tunnel Partnership, told the Detroit paper in November the project also would require seven miles of new roads to link to the converted truck tunnel, located behind the vacant Michigan Central Depot at Michigan Avenue and 14th Street, to I-75 in Detroit and Highway 401 in Windsor.

The project could be completed within five years, pending government approvals on both sides of the border.