Hole developing under NC highway ramp

| 12/19/2002

An eroding slope has some residents in the Raleigh, NC, area concerned that a sinkhole will form near a busy highway, but the state Department of Transportation says there is no danger of a sinkhole at the site, The Raleigh News and Observer reported Dec. 17.

The erosion problem - which is centered under a highway ramp - is apparently being caused by a clogged storm drain. The ramp links I-440 - the Beltline's Outer Loop - and westbound I-40 near Cary, NC, on the west side of the Raleigh area.

Nearby residents - who are worried that the hole could cause the ramp to collapse under heavy traffic - watched a tree and some stones slide into the growing gap recently. The DOT has inspected the hole and ruled that there is no danger.