FHWA to streamline transportation projects

| 12/19/2002

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has published a final rule in the Federal Register to allow design-build contracting, which can save time on transportation infrastructure projects, which in turn can save taxpayer dollars, the agency said.

"By enabling us to initiate and complete more transportation projects sooner, design-build contracting can save both time and money for everyone involved -- taxpayers, private industry and all levels of government," FHWA Administrator Mary Peters said. "This new rule will now permit state and local transportation agencies to take full advantage of design-build contracting methods."

The design-build method differs from traditional contracting in that it combines, rather than separates, responsibility for the design and the construction phases of a transportation project.

Firms develop technical and cost proposals that optimize their design, construction and managerial abilities. The contracting agency then rates the proposals considering factors such as design quality, timeliness, capability to minimize traffic disruptions, managerial capability and cost.