Unit formed to protect truckers along Puebla-Mexico City highway

| 12/18/2002

Local police in Puebla, Mexico, have created a new force to protect truckdrivers on a highway linking the town to Mexico City, according to TheNewsMexico.com.

Starting in 2003, the new Cargo Transport Police will begin operating on city access roads, escorting truckdrivers and checking to make sure none fall victim to highway robbers intent on stealing valuable cargo.

The new unit will be made up of local task-force police, auxiliary police and private security agents. It will take over and extend highway patrols begun last February under a general police task force on the highway linking the capital to the city of Puebla.

While police managed to eliminate truck robberies once numbering 10 a day on the Mexico City-Puebla road, task force director Faustino Gomez Lira said a larger, more specialized operation was required to prevent robbers from simply moving their activities to unpatrolled locations.