College gets tough with wheelchair speeders

| 12/17/2002

When most people hear about speeding problems, they likely think about America's highways. But officials at a California college are cracking down on wheelchair users hell bent on speeding.

Campus officials at Valley College in Los Angeles recently set a 4 mph speed limit for wheelchairs, hoping to keep pedestrians from being run over, The Bakersfield Californian reported.

"It's a safety issue, pure and simple," Tom Jacobsmeyer, vice president of administration, told the newspaper. Jacobsmeyer proposed the regulation after witnessing a student nearly hit by a woman "going very fast" in a wheelchair.

Some students find the regulation ridiculous.

"It's like a bad joke," Lynn Eller, one of several students who use a wheelchair or electric cart on campus, told The Californian. "People who aren't disabled should be warned to be considerate of wheelchair users."

Campus officials have said they will initially warn violators, but repeat offenders could be cited, suspended or expelled.