Oklahoma Tax Commission auditor testifies

| 9/24/2002

Retiring Oklahoma Tax Commission auditor Leon Qualls Jr. testified Sept. 19 before the state's multicounty grand jury. According to The Oklahoman, Grand jurors are investigating whether Tax Commission employees accepted bribes from private agents used by truckers for truck tags.

The Oklahoma City newspaper reported that Qualls, who appeared with his attorney, has worked for the agency for 23 years. He is under suspicion partly because of his association with Transport Services Link Inc. of Yukon, a now-closed trucking agency.

Qualls was fired in August, but appealed. His departure has since been changed to a resignation - effective Oct. 1.

The Oklahoman reported that he came under suspicion at work after doing a fuel report for a California trucking company. His superiors considered that a conflict of interest, even though Qualls insisted he wasn't being compensated.