Alabama governor says more troopers equal safe roads

| 9/23/2002

Alabama is planning to put 210 new state troopers on the road by the end of 2003, the Department of Public Safety announced Sept. 18. Forty-five of the trooper recruits are now in training and will be on the road in December.

Money for the state to pay for training and salaries of 135 of the troopers will come from fee increases to reinstate suspended or revoked driver's licenses. Fee increases approved by the Legislature last year are expected to generate about $8.5 million per year. Salaries for 75 of the new troopers will be paid for through a federal grant.

According to a report, the additional troopers will be assigned to highway trouble spots, particularly to the 23-mile stretch of I-20 from Leeds through St. Clair County.

"It's good news for the people who want to be kept safe on the road and bad news for the drunk drivers and speeding 18-wheelers," Gov. Don Siegelman reportedly said. "These troopers will be targeting drunk, reckless and speeding drivers and those who behave erratically on our interstates, whether they be 18-wheelers or not."