Maine looks at making bridge more trucker friendly

| 9/19/2002

Maine transportation planners are grappling with ways to replace a narrow bridge in Jackman that semis find difficult to navigate.

The state transportation department is scheduled to hold a public hearing Thursday to outline four options for replacing the Moose River bridge on U.S. Route 201. All options would include some straightening of the highway approaches to the span.

"It's an extremely bad alignment, a narrow bridge on an otherwise straight section," Wayne Frankhauser, a project manager in MDOT's bridge program, told news reporters. "There are flashing arrow boards to warn about it but there's lots of heavy truck traffic and occasionally they don't make the curve."

The 100-foot bridge is narrow, at 26 feet. But the highway on either side is significantly wider - 40 feet wide to the north and 48 feet wide to the south.

Replacement of the bridge will cost about $2 million. The earliest it would be funded is 2003.