Rand McNally updates MileMaker with new HHG mileage data

| 9/19/2002

Rand McNally has enhanced and updated its MileMaker database to include distances generated by the new Household Goods Mileage Guide 18 (HHG Guide 18).

New HHG Guide 18 mileage data continue to provide updated, accurate and verifiable shortest-distance mileages between points in the United States, Canada and Mexico. HHG Guide 18 distances have been updated to replace HHG Guide 17 distances that have been in effect since 1997.

Fully updated for 2003, the MileMaker database's HHG miles and routes will reflect the current network of available truck-drivable roads (80,000-pound limits, with 10-foot lane widths and bridge heights of 13 feet, 6 inches) to calculate the shortest distance between two points.

In addition to the HHG Guide 18 update, the enhanced MileMaker database will include more than 7,600 new road segments, 28,000 road updates, 143,000 routable points and 10,000 road classification changes. The MileMaker database contains more than 14.2 billion possible mileage calculations, and more than 726,000 miles of truck-usable highways in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

IntelliRoute and RouteTools also will incorporate the Guide 18 rules. The versions of MileMaker, IntelliRoute and RouteTools software with the new HHG Guide 18 will be issued Nov. 29, 2002, and will be effective Jan. 31, 2003. Information about the release by platform will be available in October at www.trucking.randmcnally.com.