PA creates homeland security framework

| 9/18/2002

Pennsylvania Gov. Mark Schweiker has created a new Homeland Security Advisory Council and Executive Cabinet to coordinate the state's resources and to advise him and Homeland Security Director Earl Freilino.

The 25-member council will include representatives from state agencies; local government; the first responder community; the federal government; the private sector; and the Regional Counter-Terrorism Task Force. The governor will appoint members, and they will serve four-year terms. The group will meet at least quarterly.

The Executive Cabinet will consist of the governor, the Office of Homeland Security, and representatives from the police and agencies including health, transportation, agriculture and the environment. It will meet at least monthly.

Gov. Schweiker: "I have created the Homeland Security Advisory Council and the Executive Cabinet to lead a proactive, unified and coordinated approach to prevention, preparedness and responsiveness to terrorist and crisis-related incidents."