Peterbilt offers new lightweight brake drums

| 8/16/2002

Meritor SteelLite X30 brake drums are now available for all Peterbilt models. The new drums are said to reduce vehicle weight by up to 15 pounds on the steer axle and 70 pounds per rear axle.

The X30 brake drums feature a one-piece steel shell that is stronger and lighter than standard full-cast brake drums and has no weld seam for added durability and ready-to-mount convenience. Additionally, the drum's cast-iron braking surface resists hot-spotting and heat checking, helping the brake lining seat more quickly. The X30's naturally balanced design requires no balance weights and reduces vibration for longer life and reduced maintenance requirements.

"By helping reduce vehicle weight versus standard brake drums, the SteelLite X30 brake drums are ideal for customers engaged in weight-sensitive applications, including general freight, heavy-haul, tanker and bulk," says Dan Sobic, Peterbilt assistant general manager.

The SteelLite X30 brake drums are available for Peterbilt Models 387, 385, 379, 378, 362, 357, 330 and 320. The drums have a lifetime replacement warranty.