Detroit-Windsor envisions security at the end of the tunnel

| 8/7/2002

The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel is installing a wireless telephone and Internet-based system to alert agencies during critical or cautionary situations and to manage border traffic efficiently.

E-mail, wireless devices and cell phone text messaging will beam the alerts to law enforcement, public safety, border crossings, traffic control and governmental agencies, according to Neal Belitsky, vice president for operations, Detroit & Canada Tunnel Corp.

"Emergency communications is vital to the operation of a safe and efficient border crossing, and this system will alert key parties instantly in their cars, in the field, at their desks, anywhere they are," said Belitsky. "We are dedicated to being proactive and prepared in order to make our border crossing as safe as possible."

Only authorized individuals can log in and send secure messages to individuals or previously identified groups. The system will be operational by fall 2002 and will be expanded to provide instant traveler information to enrolled commercial and passenger customers.

The mile-long tunnel, with traffic volumes in excess of 8.5 million vehicles per year, is owned jointly by the cities of Detroit and Windsor, and operated by Detroit & Canada Tunnel Corp.