Florida county says it'll be no day at the beach for truckers

| 7/16/2002

The Palm Beach County (FL) Sheriff's new trucking enforcement squad is looking to expand its duties so it can track more trucks. During the past three and a half months, more than 750 citations have been issued to truckers.

The four-man unit took to the road in January as part of Sheriff Ed Bieluch' s Safe Roads Task Force, which says it is also cracking down on speeders, red-light runners and other dangerous drivers.

The sheriff's truck enforcement officers want to expand their inspections this year to include weight violations, which carry hefty fines. The sheriff 's motorcycle and road patrol deputies reportedly are being trained to spot commercial trucking violations and to inspect documents required for commercial loads.

In addition, the sheriff's office has applied for a federal grant that would add deputies, pay for portable weight scales, laptops and radios, and certify the unit for more extensive truck inspections.