Ambassador Bridge accidents threaten truck-only detour

| 6/25/2002

The Michigan Department of Transportation is considering shutting down a trucks-only lane on I-75 to the Ambassador Bridge because of a rash of accidents there, including one fatality involving a motorcyclist. The recent accidents reportedly have not been caused by trucks.

The latest accident claimed the life of a motorcyclist who was nearly decapitated after driving around barrels into a closed lane and crashing into a cable used to suspend workers doing joint work underneath the bridge.

The lane has been designated trucks-only, but police reportedly have been unable to enforce the restriction so passenger vehicles routinely use the route.

Road crews began a five-month road and bridge repair project earlier this month on a portion of northbound I-75 near Detroit, shutting down all northbound lanes except for one lane designated for trucks to help minimize delays and keeping most rigs off the smaller detour highways. MDOT has yet to make a decision on closing the road for safety reasons.