Michigan gubernatorial candidate vows to fix roads, reduce truck weights

| 6/3/2002

U.S. Rep. David Bonior, who is running for governor of Michigan, and State Sen. Alma Wheeler Smith, who is running for Lt. Governor, announced their six-point road plan at news conferences in Detroit and Lansing, May 20, calling for reducing truck weights and fixing existing roads, among other things.

"Michigan drivers want a u-turn as far as road policy is concerned," Bonior said. "We need a plan. We need to rebuild our roads. The sound of our roads should not be 'bumpity-bumpity-bump.' We need to hold road contractors and builders accountable for the work they do and reduce truck weights."

Bonior, as Democratic Whip, led the effort to get more money for Michigan through the Transportation Equity Act, which changed the federal road funding formula so Michigan receives 62 percent more per year for the five-year period from 1998 to 2003.

On May 14, Bonior, a leading opponent of President Bush's road funding cuts, fought successfully to restore $126 million in funding for Michigan roads.

"David and I are committed to public transportation and will be aggressive in continuing to get federal funds for our roads," Smith said. "Our roads are an embarrassment. They've been neglected, and we need to fix them right away."

Under their six-point plan, Bonior and Smith will:
Fix Michigan's existing roads, instead of building new ones that contribute to sprawl.
Ensure Michigan roads are built to last and are guaranteed. Road contractors and builders would be held accountable for the work they do.
Reduce the maximum weight allowed for trucks in Michigan and strictly enforce the weight restrictions.
Use road money for roads, not other state departments. State road repairs would be based on fair, objective criteria.
Continue to fight so Michigan gets its fair share in road money from the federal government.
Commit to making public transportation a reality for Michigan citizens.