NJ takes hard look at E-ZPass system

| 5/1/2002

Truckers and motorists say there's something seriously amiss with New Jersey's three-year-old E-ZPass system, which is under scrutiny for generating bogus tickets, AP reported.

The problem is so bad that between 1991 and 2001, it cost New Jersey $19.2 million to collect $13.3 million in fines. So the state suspended installation of the system for a four-month review and started hearings to find out who is responsible.

The system should accurately deduct the toll amount from the driver's credit card or prepaid account. Cameras photograph the license plates of toll beaters and violations are mailed to the owner.

However, drivers complain they're mailed $25 fines when they paid a 35-cent toll. Some say they've been cited for being places they never were. One trucking company has hired two employees to check on nothing but bogus violations. And one man was charged for tolls up to 30 times while he was home on a sofa for a week, recovering from surgery.