PATT merges with CRASH

| 4/2/2002

Parents Against Tired Truckers (PATT) and Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways (CRASH) are combining efforts to create the Truck Safety Coalition (TSC). According to a PATT newsletter, the reason for the merge is to "more effectively coordinate similar highway safety efforts."

PATT and CRASH plan to move to Washington, DC, from their current headquarters in Lisbon Falls, ME, and San Francisco, respectively. The move to the nation's capital is designed to give the new organization a national presence.

The merge was made to allow PATTs founders Daphne and Steve Izer to step away from the rigorous schedule they adopted since the day in 1993 that their 17-year-old son Jeff was killed. The Izers began the organization out of their home after Jeff Izer and three other teenagers were killed when a trucker allegedly fell asleep at the wheel along the Maine Turnpike and crashed into their disabled car. The Izers are planning to retire and spend more time with their son Ross and friends.