IRP sanctions for Oklahoma

| 4/2/2002

April 1, 2002 -- The Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) is being sanctioned by the International Registration Plan, Inc.(IRP, Inc.) effective today for failing to have its amended rules on "established place of business" implemented before Monday, April 1. As of today, member states and provinces will withhold reciprocity fees from Oklahoma.

The new rules were proposed by the OTC in response to a mandate from the IRP that Oklahoma change its requirements regarding "place of business" or be sanctioned. But earlier this year, the state District Court of Oklahoma County issued a temporary restraining order stopping the Oklahoma Tax Commission from enforcing new rules that would prohibit trucking companies from using third party agents to establish places of business in Oklahoma under the IRP. The injunction was in response to a lawsuit filed Feb. 4, 2002, by ProCert Inc. and others.

ProCert is a large transportation consulting firm in Oklahoma City. The company assists truckers nationwide in licensing, titling, permitting and registration of their motor vehicles. In its lawsuit, ProCert seeks an injunction, in addition to a declaratory judgment from the court declaring that the new rules are unconstitutional and they violate the trucking industry's constitutional rights of freedom of contract, substantive due process and equal protection.

Attorneys for ProCert say the court will have a final decision on April 12. But in today's announcement, it's apparent the IRP is not waiting on the judge's decision. IRP, Inc. Board Chair, Keith Kiser, says the board will impose the financial sanctions previously approved and a notice has been sent to all jurisdictions, advising states and provinces of the status of Oklahoma's non-compliance with the previous IRP Board directive. The notice also contains information about the imposition of financial sanctions. For more information, watch this web site.