Update: Dilts moves one step closer to home

| 4/1/2002

Alan Dilts will be one step closer to his homecoming May 23 when he is released to a halfway house in Kansas City, MO. Dilts is the OOIDA member serving 30 months in Leavenworth, KS, Satellite Minimum Security Prison Camp after marijuana was found sealed inside the drum of a steamroller being hauled on Dilts' flatbed (see the March/April 2001 issue of Land Line).

While at the halfway house, he will be able to work and spend time with family and friends as long as he stays within a confined geographical area, returns to the halfway house at a certain time each evening and reports regularly to his federal probation officer. After six months at the halfway house, Dilts returns home to his fiancée in Odessa, MO.

Dilts' son, Larry, set up a truck fund for his father at Lawson Bank in Kansas City, MO. The fund has received about $1,000 in donations. Contributions may be mailed to: Alan L. Dilts Truck Fund, P.O. Box 46725, Kansas City, MO 64188-6725.