Hotter engines? Peterbilt introduces new cooling system

| 3/21/2002

Compensating for the higher operating temperatures of the 2002 exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) engines will be a challenge, but Peterbilt has a plan and a product. The company has designed a new high-efficiency cooling system specifically designed for optimum performance with the new EGR engines.

It features a modular vertical design that helps improve cooling efficiency by up to 35 percent versus today's standard stacked cooling systems. It mounts on top of the radiator, instead of in front of it. This design prevents the air from being pre-heated by the charge air cooler before it passes through the radiator. It's easier to service because it can be accessed and removed without having to drain the radiator or disturb the HVAC system. It's lighter, too, by up to 80 lbs.

The new cooling system will be standard on most Peterbilt models.