More anti-truck legislation in Alabama

| 3/15/2002

Though a bill by Sen. Charles Steele (D-Tuscaloosa) restricting trucks to the right has been languishing in the Commerce, Transportation and Utilities committee since Jan. 31, another bill doing virtually the same thing is making headlines.

According to a Tuscaloosa newspaper, state Rep. Gerald Allen, (R-Tuscaloosa), introduced a bill on Mar.12 to keep big rigs out of the left lane on Interstate 20/59 between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. HB633 would require trucks to keep to the right between mile marker 68 in Tuscaloosa and mile marker 106 in Jefferson county. The only exceptions would be when exiting or when law enforcement instructs truckers to change lanes. The bill also contains a provision for citations for violating the proposed law. Truckers wanting to voice their opinion on the bill can call Rep. Allen at the general number for the Alabama House: (334) 242-7600.