Mack recalls trucks for steering hose problem

| 3/15/2002

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced a recall on Mack trucks for a possible steering hose problem. The recall affects 869 Mack CH and CX 2000 and 2001 model-year trucks built between Sept. 14, 2000 and Dec. 18, 2001. Only trucks with the R.H. Sheppard M90 steering gears are affected.

The trucks have the wrong hose for the high-pressure line between the power steering pump and the steering gear. The hose is rated at 2000 psi, while it should be rated at 3000 psi. This hose could develop a leak or burst while in service. If this happens, steering control would still be maintained, but a loss of power assist will be experienced.

Dealers will replace the steering hose. According to the Mack warranty department, cards should be mailed within 10 days. Owners who do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Mack at (610) 709-3011.