OOIDA calls Indiana US 30 rest area closing "inexcusable"

| 3/8/2002

Citing the inability to police and maintain a popular trucker rest area, the Indiana Department of Transportation will be closing the roadside park on U.S. 30 near Warsaw on Monday, Mar. 11. "Closing a rest area anywhere, anytime, is inexcusable, given the situation truckers encounter every night of the year," says OOIDA Executive Vice President Todd Spencer.

Spencer's comment echoes the sentiments of the many truckers who choose the US 30 route instead of using the pricey toll road. The rest park is located on US 30 about 2.5 miles west of State Road 15.

Indiana State Police says the reports of "undesirable activities" has forced the state to close it, recommending truckers and motorists use the full-service Arcola Rest Park located 35 miles east on US 30. In addition to the Arcola location, commercial truck stops are located 12 miles west and 20 miles east on US 30, says the state DOT.