California Proposition 42 passes

| 3/7/2002

Proposition 42, a measure on the March 5 statewide ballot to dedicate the sales tax motorists already pay on transportation fuel to pay for transportation projects including street repair, road improvements and mass transit passed easily Tuesday.

California voters fed up with poor roads and little money from state coffers to fix them, took to the polls and passed Prop. 42 by a margin of more than 164,000 votes.

A recent study found California's roads are the most deteriorated in the nation while the state is spending the least per capita to fix them. More than a third of the state's 168,000 miles of road are rated "poor," according to a 2000 report by The Road Information Program (TRIP).

Starting in 2008, Prop. 42 would split the money three ways: 40 percent to cities and counties, 40 percent to the state transportation improvement program and 20 percent to public transit.